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IMPACT is a study being carried out across Ontario focused on understanding how the placenta develops and functions during pregnancy. The study is also interested in understanding how different prescribed and recreational drugs used during pregnancy can impact the placenta and growth of the baby.

We are currently recruiting pregnant individuals into this study.


Specifically, we are looking to recruit:

  • Pregnant individuals who are using any opioids (prescribed or recreational) OR any opioid replacement therapies during pregnancy;

  • Pregnant individuals who are using any cannabis products (prescribed or recreational) during pregnancy; and,

  • Pregnant individuals who are not using any substances during pregnancy.


Participation in this study is voluntary and confidential


Interested in Participating?

Find out if you are eligible and connect with a study centre by clicking the link below. 

  • Twitter
  • Instagram

This study has been reviewed for ethical compliance by the Queen’s University Health Sciences and Affiliated Teaching Hospitals Research Ethics Board. CTO Project #3968

Contact the Study Team

If you have any questions about the study, please reach out to us by email using the form below. 

Thanks for contacting us. We will respond to your message as soon as possible.

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