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Future Research

What are peer researchers?

Data linkage with health administrative databases

Your health card number will be sent from participating sites to the Study Coordinating Centre for linkage with health administrative database at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES)) as a part of this study and/or future research studies. This will allow the study team to do more in-depth and longer-term follow-up. This will give us an opportunity to identify support needs for participants during and after the postpartum period.


You may decide not to participate in the data linkage research and still participate in this main study.

The Future

Biobanking and future research 

Bio-banking is the collection, storage, and use of human body samples and related health information for future research. It provides an important resource for health research. The researchers doing this main study also are interested in storing you and your baby’s leftover coded samples and data/information for future research.  The research that may be done on you and your baby’s samples and/or data in the future is unknown at this time but will only be related to pregnancy and newborn health.  

Some of the future research may include testing on genes related to viruses. No hereditary testing will occur. Researchers also may be interested in the way that genes affect health and disease, or how your body responds to treatment. 

If you agree, leftover samples will be stored by the Study Sponsor, at the Study Coordinating Center and the Placenta Lab and will be stored for up to 25 years after study completion. After this period anonymized data will be uploaded to an appropriate public archive, such as Dryad, as per CIHR’s open access policy.

The samples and data may be sent to other countries. Your name or any other information that could directly identify you will not be shared. 

You may decide not to participate in the optional biobanking research and still participate in this main study

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How many people will take part?
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